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Halloween Creepy Carnival Wall Decorating Kit 32 Count

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Price: $9.99
SKU: 670194

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Creepy Carnival Scene Setter features 2 large panels that depict red and white vertical stripes with the image of a murderous clown and scary skeletons. Add any or all of the 30 assorted cardstock cutouts of rats, skulls, spiders, bloodstains and more to complete your terrifying scene. Wall Decorations are easily hung indoor or outdoor on your windows, doors and hallways with your choice of adhesive. Our Creepy Carnival Wall Decorations include lightweight durable plastic images that measure 65in x 33 1/2in and 30 cardstock cutouts in various sizes. Creepy Carnival Wall Decorations include: 2 Decorations, 65in x 32 1/2in 30 Cardstock cutouts, from 4in to 15in


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