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Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

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Price: $49.99
SKU: 56069-SM

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Wonder Woman Costume includes the dress with red top and blue skirt with white stars, red and white boot tops, red cape, gold colored tiara and silver gauntlets. Who needs a magic lasso when you look this good? To insure there are no wardrobe malfunctions, hold things in place with our body tape! Wonder Woman wig available separately. When WW II pilot, Major Steve Trevor, bails out of his aircraft during a battle over the Bermuda Triangle, he ends up on Paradise Island--an island inhabited by beautiful Amazon women. Princess Diana, daughter of the Amazon Queen Hippolyta, proposes a contest in which the winner will return Trevor to America, and remain in his world to help the Allied forces. Diana enters the contest in disguise and wins the privilege of remaining in the outside world as 'Wonder Woman.'


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