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Dr. Who Adult Tardis Costume Dress Lg/XL

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No Halloween costume offers as many possibilities as the Dr. Who Adult Tardis Dress. You'll be able travel to any place during any period. Do you understand how incredible this is? Put on this dress, and jolt back to the 1960s to see how the rock stars partied on Halloween. Or jump ahead to 2099, and celebrate the last Halloween of the 21st century in a high-tech world. What's nice is that the dress actually looks exactly like the actual TARDIS. It even says "Police Public Call Box" across the waist and has the notice that the public gets free use of the telephone to contact the local authorities. Make sure you notify folks who want to make a phone call that you are indeed a time machine, and they can simply use your cell phone to make the call. Your friends will like the dress so much that they'll be asking to come with you on your next time traveling adventure. Happily agree, because the Tardis gal loves to please. Call up Doctor Who as well. He's always ready to fly off to an exciting destination.


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