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If you’re looking for costume wigs, you’ve come to the right place. No matter who or what you’re dressing up as, we’ve got the wig you’re looking for! Women’s wigs, men’s wigs, children’s wigs - we carry them all! 


Whether you’re in need of a clown wig, an afro wig, a blonde wig or a witch wig, you’ll find it at Party Galaxy. We have wigs in every hairstyle you could imagine, from afros and mullets to pigtails and mohawks. Dressing up as your favorite character this Halloween? From Elvis and Marilyn Monroe to Dorothy to Princess Leia, we’ve got the wigs you need to complete your costume - all affordably priced so you can finish the look without breaking the bank. 


Browse our selection of costume wigs today! At Party Galaxy, we’ve got what your costume needs!